Grant Final Reporting Guidelines

This information is provided to help RBAC Recycling Business Development Grantees understand the state reporting requirements and provide electronic access to specific forms. All grantees are expected to be proper stewards of state funds awarded. The reporting required by the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality and the State Auditor's Office is designed to help ensure fund accountability.

What is required?  How do I report?

Complete a RBAC Grant Final Report

When a grant project is complete, grantees must submit a final report to their RBAC grant manager to close out the grant project and receive the final 10% of grant funds. The final report form can be found at the link below.  Contact your RBAC grant manager with any questions.

RBAC Grant Final Report Form

Failure to Complete RBAC Final Report

Failure to complete the RBAC Final Report will result in the forfeiture of all remaining grant funds. In addition, any grantee who fails to submit the RBAC Final Report will be placed on the state of North Carolina's Suspension of Funding list. No payments can be made to the grantee until the grantee completes and submits the report and is removed from the Suspension of Funding list.

Why is this required?

For-profit and non-profit organizations are eligible to apply for RBAC's Recycling Business Development Grants. Such organizations are required by state law (GS 143C-6) to file annual reports regarding the use of state funds. These statutes cover the disbursement and use of state funds to non-state entities. Follow the links below to access these statutes:

143C 6 22. Use of State Funds by Non-State Entities
143C 6 23. State grant funds: administration, oversight and reporting requirements
143C 10 1. Offenses for Violation of Chapter

A summary of these reporting requirements are incorporated into the grantee's contract documents as a "Notice of Certain Reporting and Auditing Requirements."

For questions about grant reporting requirements, please contact Wendy Worley or 919-707-8136.