Design & Bid

Approval of Plans, Specifications, and Bid Documents for Funded Projects

  • Submit bid and design documents (plans and specifications) for approval.
  • Do not bid the project until the division has issued bid document approval OR has approved the bid documents in writing.
  • Include the appropriate checklists along with submittals.
  • Note that division approval does not supersede any regulatory permitting requirements.
  • IMPORTANT: Project submittals MUST include copies of all applicable permits or evidence that you have submitted applications for remaining required permits to the respective permitting agency. Projects that do not have these included with the project submittal will be returned as incomplete. The division cannot approve plans and specifications until you have received all required permits.

Checklists and Guidance for All Funded Projects

Forms for SRF and State Programs

Additional Forms for SRF Projects

HUD Requirements for CDBG-I Projects