Operating Permits and Fees



General Statute 130A-328 requires that all community and non-transient non-community water systems have a permit to operate. This permit is valid from Jan. 1 through Dec. 31 each year. A community water system is defined as a public water system that serves 15 or more service connections or regularly serves 25 or more year-round residents. A non-transient non-community system is a public water system that is not a community water system and that regularly serves at least 25 of the same persons over six months per year.

An invoice with renewal application is mailed to the water system owner on or before Sept. 10. The completed application with check or money order payable to the Department of Environment and Natural Resources is due on or before Nov. 2. Mail payment and completed application to Operating Permits and Fee Collection, Public Water Supply Section, 1634 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1634.

If payment is not received by Dec. 31, an administrative penalty letter is mailed to the water system notifying the owner that the permit fee is due along with an additional penalty amount (the penalty amount is one half of the fee plus $10.00 per day until paid).

Water systems having unpaid penalties are referred to the Attorney General's Office for collection. See 15A NCAC 18C .2101, .2102, .2103, .2104, and .2105 for specific regulatory requirements. If payment is not received by Jan. 31, an additional administrative fee of $150.00 is due.

The following fees are required for the issuance or renewal of a permit to operate a community water system. The fees are based on the number of persons served by the system.

System Type Fee
Non transient non-community $150
Community Water Systems (Number of Persons Served)
50 or fewer $255
More than 50 but no more than 100 $270
More than 100 but no more than 200 $330
More than 200 but no more than 300 $350
More than 300 but no more than 400 $385
More than 400 but no more than 500 $420
More than 500 but no more than 750 $780
More than 750 but no more than 1,000 $810
More than 1,000 but no more than 2,000 $840
More than 2,000 but no more than 3,000 $870
More than 3,000 but no more than 4,000 $1,350
More than 4,000 but no more than 5,000 $1,460
More than 5,000 but no more than 7,500 $1,925
More than 7,500 but no more than 10,000 $2,065
More than 10,000 but no more than 25,000 $2,600
More than 25,000 but no more than 50,000 $2,925
More than 50,000 but no more than 75,000 $4,250
More than 75,000 but no more than 100,000 $4,675
More than 100,000 but no more than 250,000 $5,100
More than 250,000 but no more than 500,000 $5,525
More than 500,000 $5,950

If you have questions or need additional information regarding operating permits or the permit fees, please contact Carmalin Walter at (919) 707-9085.