Funding & Incentives

Available funding, technical assistance and other incentives provide strong motivation to translate source water protection ideas into real and viable projects. The links below provide a variety of pathways to identify the resources to help you move forward.

Funding Sources

Grants are often competitive and they are awarded with specific requirements.  You can find relevant information on a variety of funding programs linked below.  Funding agencies often wish to achieve multiple objectives.  Do your research and make sure your application is positioned to address multiple environmental goals.  In addition to grants, our Funding Factsheet defines strategies to develop local revenue streams.

Partnership Arrangements

Drinking water protection is a priority component of various state agencies and programs.  There is a variety of programs that offer technical assistance for projects designed to protect the state’s water.  Additionally, we have established state partnership initiatives to assist drinking water protection projects that include agricultural impact, stormwater runoff, land conservation, and waste water discharge.

Awards and Recognition

Acknowledging successful drinking water protection projects provides strong motivation for action. Recipients of awards are often leaders who have vision and demonstrate sustained commitment. Award-winning projects can often be duplicated in other communities.

Land Conservation Assistance

Many communities support land conservation as a means to protect drinking water.  Although such projects can be expensive, we have created a low-interest loan program to help make these efforts possible.

  • Program Description (Download below in Documents Section)
  • Sample Application for Low Interest Loan (Download below in Documents Section)
  • SWP Benefits of Land Conservation (Download below in Documents Section)