HB 894: An Act to Improve Source Water Protection Planning

The accidental release of 4-methylcyclohexanemethanol in West Virginia and coal ash spills in NC have raised concerns about potential public health impacts of contaminants entering raw drinking water supplies. In an effort to mitigate these concerns, the legislature introduced HB 894. This bill, which was passed in its final form on August 11, 2014, mandates the development and implementation of source water protection (SWP) plans for "every supplier of water operating a public water system treating and furnishing water from surface supplies" (§ 130A 320 (c)). To date, SWP planning has occurred throughout the state on a voluntary basis and has followed a template recommended by US EPA. The intent on HB 894 is to expand on this template, with particular emphasis on emergency response protocols. The resulting SWP plans will allow local water systems to identify proactive and emergency response strategies best suited to their individual situations and concerns.

Resource Description Date Added
Draft Rule Language for Public Comment Document containing the draft rule language that is out for public comment. May 2018
Fiscal Note Document containing the fiscal analysis for draft rule.
Notice of Text Form Form containing information related to publication of rule for public comment.
Meeting #3 Summary Document summarizing the third stakeholder meeting held on May 26, 2016. October 2016
Meeting #3 Review Presentation Meeting to provide feedback opportunities for draft rule language.
Draft Rule Language for Review Document containing draft rule language related to HB894.
Meeting #3 Agenda Document providing the agenda for the third stakeholder meeting held on July 26, 2016.
Meeting #2 Summary Document summarizing the second stakeholder meeting held on May 28, 2015. June 2015
Meeting #2 Presentations
Welcoming Presentation
PCS Results
Survey Results
Revised Approach
Meeting to provide opportunities for updates and discussion regarding PCS prioritization, survey results, and a revised model for SWP planning May 2015
Existing SWP Regulatory Programs Document summarizing existing regulations that impart protection to NC drinking water sources.
List of Regulated Systems Spreadsheet containing the names and some additional information for public water systems that are regulated under HB 894.
Interim Report Report to the Environmental Review Commission on progress toward implementing the requirements of HB894. April 2015
Meeting #1 Summary Document summarizing the initial stakeholder meeting held on December 16, 2014. March 2015
SWP Planning Guidance Document that describes the process to develop a local source water protection plan, as per a template from EPA December 2014
NC SWAP Program NC plan submitted to EPA that describes the states approach to developing assessment data and making information available to the public
Watershed Characteristic USGS methodology to develop the watershed characteristic, a component of several factors that define a watershed's vulnerability to contamination
Meeting #1 Presentations
Welcoming Remarks
Legislation Overview
SWP Planning Process
Tools and Resources
PCS Focus
Online Tools
Implementation Proposal
Meeting to provide orientation on the legislation and existing tools and resources relevant to the implementation of HB 894
SWAP Reports Link to select and download a technical assessment for any public water supply system in NC.  Use for initial evaluation when developing a local protection plan. November 2014
NC SWAP info Interactive mapping application used to visualize assessment areas in relation to over 37,000 potential contaminant sources across the state
Project Locator Tool Interactive mapping application that determines if a location is geographically within a drinking water assessment area, and if so, its susceptibility rating.  Imagery contains detailed ortho-photography.
Stakeholder Team List of stakeholders assisting with the development of HB 894
Potential Contaminant Sources List of potential sources of contamination currently used in the assessment process for public drinking water supplies.  Future categories are also listed September 2014
WV Senate Bill 373 Summary Summary of a bill passed in West Virginia to mandate source water protection planning.  Use as an example. October 2014
Final Bill Language G.S. 130A-320 Legislative mandate to require source water protection planning August 2014