Methods of Submittal

There are three methods available to a reporting facility for creating and submitting DMR data: Online data entry (the most common method); Import using a spreadsheet template; or Import using a facility-specific computer system capable of creating valid CSV submission files.  Each option is described in detail below. 

NOTE: Please see the Facility User Management Guide and Facility Reporting Guide for specific information on how to use the NC DWR eDMR application.

Option 1: Online Data Entry

A wastewater facility may use the web-based eDMR application for inputting discharge monitoring data.  This Graphic User Interface (GUI) utility is designed to assist wastewater facilities in the preparation of electronic Discharge Monitoring Reports (eDMRs) for regulatory submission by filling out a web form that looks similar to the paper DMR.

Option 2: Use a Spreadsheet Template to Import DMR Data

For entry of daily DMR data, facilities may choose to keep records in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel.  An Excel spreadsheet template is available for creating a data file that can be uploaded directly into the eDMR application.  The spreadsheet template is used to create a CSV (comma separated value) file that conforms to a specified data format.  The Excel template and importing instructions are available using the hyperlinks provided below.

Quick Start Guide for Importing from Excel Template
eDMR Import Template (Excel 2003 & older)
eDMR Import Template (Excel 2007 & newer)

Option 3: Create Import File from Facility Data System

A wastewater facility may want to modify their existing database application or report generating software to generate a data file that can be uploaded directly into the eDMR application.  As with the Excel template option, this data file must conform to a specified data format for a CSV file.  This alternative allows the data that currently exists in a facility’s data management system to be exported to a file that can be loaded into the eDMR application without additional manipulation of the data.  Such an approach may involve reprogramming existing systems or developing a template that will translate information into the necessary CSV format. Specifications for creating a valid CSV submission file can be obtained using the hyperlink provided below.

Quick Start Guide for CSV File Format

To print a copy of these instructions, click here: Options for Preparing and Submitting eDMR Data