User Registration

In order to participate in the eDMR Program, permitted NPDES wastewater facilities will need internet access and the ability to enter discharge monitoring report data by one of the three (3) available methods of submittal.  (See Options for Preparing and Submitting eDMR Data)  Facility owners must successfully register with the North Carolina Division of Water Resources (NC DWR) in order to use the eDMR application for electronic submittal of discharge monitoring data.

The registration process involves the following steps the facility owner must complete in order to achieve eDMR registration:

  • Ensure facility satisfies the minimum system requirements
  • Verify facility permit information
  • Complete the eDMR Registration Checklist
  • Complete the eDMR Registration Form (PDF) / eDMR Fillable Registration Form (Word doc.)
  • Submit the eDMR Registration Form to the NC DWR eDMR Administrator

Once the completed form has been submitted, the NC DWR eDMR Administrator will review the registration form to determine completeness.  If the form is deemed complete, the registration will be processed within two (2) weeks.  The facility users will be notified via email that their eDMR user accounts have been created along with applicable login information.

Should the registration form be incomplete, the registrant will be contacted regarding the information needed to complete registration.

Registration Verification

Prior to completing the eDMR Registration Form, the Owner must verify facility permit information.  If the Owner has multiple NPDES permitted facilities, all facility permit numbers that are eligible for eDMR registration must be verified.  The registration process will register the Owner for the eDMR application.  All NPDES permits issued to the Owner will be able to submit discharge monitoring data via the eDMR application once the Owner has been registered.

The information related to the facility permit(s) is maintained in the North Carolina Division of Water Resources (NC DWR) data management system.  This information is used to populate the eDMR application with the appropriate information related to the NPDES permitted facilities for electronic DMR creation and submittal.  Three critical pieces of information must be verified for each facility’s NPDES permit to ensure proper registration:

  • Owner Name
  • Facility Classification
  • ORC Designations

Facility permit information can be verified online by clicking the “Verify Permit” button below and then entering one of the facility’s permit numbers in the space provided when the prompt window appears. This permit number is used to identify the Owner Name (i.e. Permittee). The permit information related to all NPDES wastewater permits issued to the specified Owner/Permittee will be returned in a pdf report format. The Owner/Permittee should verify that all permits are returned in the report. If there are permits missing from the list, the permittee should conduct a search for each missing permit(s) and verify the Owner Name. Permits that are not included in the initial search list will normally have a different Owner Name that is specified in the NC DWR system. This difference in Owner Name must be corrected prior to registration so that all permits reflect the same Owner Name. The report can be printed or saved for documentation purposes.

The report will contain the following information:

  • Permit Number
  • Permit Version (current version of the active permit)
  • Facility Name
  • Owner Name
  • Whether the facility is registered for the eDMR application
  • Facility Classification
  • List of Primary and Backup Operators-in-Responsible-Charge (ORCs)

Should the Owner Name, Facility Classification, or ORC Designations be incorrect, the owner must notify the appropriate NC DWR contact to resolve any discrepancies before continuing with the registration process.

Please click link for Registration Verification