Online Well Construction Form (GW-1)

Link to the on-line GW-1 Well Construction Form

The Division of Water Resources has developed an on-line well construction form that can be used to submit all required well construction (GW-1) forms to the state. This form can be used on computers and smart phones.  Some data can be retained in your web browser to help speed up filling in fields that don’t change between newly created forms, such as well driller’s name and address. 

MAKE SURE THAT YOU COMPLETE ALL REQUIRED FIELDS ON THE FORM.  If a field on the form is missing that is required, you may get a “Laserfiche error message” and you will have to start over.

The on-line GW-1 form was created to reduce costs of creating and processing paper forms for well driller and the State, increase the accuracy of the information, and to help make this information more useful and accessible for local governments and resource managers. The use of the on-line form is optional. You may still submit the required GW-1 forms by paper.  The link to the paper version of the GW-1 form is here.  If you submit a GW-1 form using the new on-line GW-1 Well Construction Form website, you are NOT required to send in a paper form. 

Submission of the GW-1 well construction form using the on-line form or by using the “old” paper form will satisfy your reporting obligations under 15A NCAC 02C .0114.  However, if you submit your GW-1 form using the new on-line form, a copy of the GW-1 will automatically be emailed to the local county Health Department.  If you use the paper form, you must submit a copy of the GW-1 paper form to the local county Health Department.

Once you have completed submission of the on-line GW-1 form, you will receive an email with a .pdf copy of what you have just submitted. Please check that form for errors.  If you notice an error in the .pdf copy of the GW-1 that you receive by email, please send an email with the subject line “GW1 FORM ERROR” and note the “Submission ID# (GW1-20XX-XXXXXX)” along with a brief explanation of what needs to be corrected to

Here is a link to the GW-1 online form data that can be accessed by local county Health Departments for their use: