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The Animal Waste Operator Certification program is housed in the NC Division of Water Resources.  Initial Certification Schools and Continuing Education classes are offered throughout the year by participating training providers such as NCSU Cooperative Extension. Exams are offered 4 times a year.  

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Check the # of Continuing Education Hours you need:  View / dowload a list of all Animal Waste Operators in NC with the  # of Continuing Education hours they have, the # they need, and the date they need them by. View Report Here.


Find Continuing Education Classes: View a list of upcoming Animal Waste Continuing Education Classes that have been registered with us. For more classes that have not yet been listed here, contact your local Cooperative Extension office.


Find Initial Certification Schools: View a list of upcoming Animal Waste Initial Certification Schools that have been registered with us. For more classes that have not yet been listed here, contact your local Cooperative Extension office.


For Training Providers:  Approval Form for Animal Waste Continuing Education Credits


Direct ALL questions regarding locations/dates/pricing to the training provider. Universities, community colleges and private organizations conduct training classes.  NC DWR Operator Certification Program DOES NOT CONDUCT training classes. 


For the Animal Waste Manuals, see the Downloads section link below.

Animal Waste Operator Exams and Wastewater Operator Exams are given on the same day at multiple locations, 4 times a year: March, June, September, December.

The minimum requirements to take the exam are:

  • applicant must be 18 years old
  • applicant must complete an approved training program for the exam they are applying for.

Animal Waste Exam Application (AWA, AWB)

Math Formulas for Type A + Type B Animal Waste (Provided during exams)

Dates, locations and deadlines for both Animal Waste Operators and Wastewater Operators can be found here.



Operator Certification Exam Pass Rates - Animal Waste and Wastewater:

If you already have at least one operator certification number you can check your status for any certification: ​​​​​Enter Your Operator Certification Number here to check:

Contract Operator List      This list is not comprehensive nor an endorsement. It is provided for convenience.

To be listed as a contract operator for NC Carolina Water Pollution Control Systems, please submit this form. To remain on the list, you must submit the form once a year.

If you are hiring a contract operator, you are responsible to verify operators have active certifications of the appropriate type and grade by checking the Certified Operator Lists. (see next section)


If you are hiring a contract operator, you are responsible to verify operators have active certifications of the appropriate type and grade by checking the Certified Operator Lists. These list all NC Certified Operators, alphabetically:

To find out if a specific operator's certification is active: ​​​​​Enter the Operator Certification Number here.

For currently active Certified Operators, use the Certified Operator Portal to check your billing, continuing education, exam status, etc. Use your NCID to login. ( NCID Registration  &  NCID Instructions)

  Certified Operator Portal - Click to Access

Animal Waste Operator Rules

Certified Animal Waste Operator responsibilities and requirements are set by the NC Legislature and found in rules 15A NCAC 08F

Animal Waste Operator Rules - Chapter 08 / subchapter F:  website / PDF / html text

Animal Waste Operator Statutes - Chapter 90 / Article 3: website / PDF / html text


Wastewater Operator Rules

Other Related Rules

Operator Forms

Course Manuals: Animal Waste Certification Training for Operators:

Reporting Forms:

Recordkeeping Forms

Annual Renewal points to remember:  

  • $10 payment of the annual renewal fee is due prior to December 31.
  • Complete six hours of continuing education each 3-year period following the year of initial certification. You can check how many hours you have/need and the date they are due by checking This Report.
  • An operator that fails to renew by Jan 30 (or complete continuing education credits and then renew) is required to pass the Animal Waste Certified Operator exam.
  • The best way to renew is to use the online ePayment option.

Water Pollution Control System Operators Certification Commission (WPCSOCC)

For full details including meeting dates, agendas, and summaries, see the WPCSOCC page of the Wastewater Operator site HERE.



The purpose of the Commission is to:

  • protect the public health

  • conserve and protect maintain the quality of the water resources

  • maintain the quality of receiving waters

  • protect the public investment in water pollution control systems

  • provide for the classification of water pollution control systems

  • establish the procedures for the examination and certification of operators of water pollution control systems



Commission Members

NC DENR and works in the field of water pollution control:
W. Corey Basinger, Chair, NC DEQ Operations Manager, Division of Water Infrastructure

Commercial water pollution control system operating firm:
Steve Barry, AQWA, Inc.

Collection system operator or superintendent for a municipality:
Ken Stines, Metropolitan Sewerage District Buncombe Co.

Four-year college or university whose major field is wastewater treatment:
Dr. A. Robert Rubin, N.C. State University

Operators of water pollution control systems of a municipality:
Arnold E. Allred, City of Franklinville
Martie Groome, City of Greensboro

Managers of a municipality:
Marchell Adams-David, City of Raleigh
Jonathan Russell, City of Washington

Animal agriculture industry:
W. Chester Lowder, Vice-Chair, N.C. Farm Bureau Federation
Jim Lynch, Goldsboro Milling Company

Private industry and responsible for treatment of industrial wastewater:
Matthew A. Haynes, Valley Proteins, Inc.



  • Established by the North Carolina General Assembly in 1969.

  • Originally called the Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators Board of Certification.

  • Seven member board appointed by the Assistant Director of the Department of Water and Air Resources (currently known as the Department of Environmental Quality) with the approval of the Board of Water and Air Resources (currently known as the Environmental Management Commission.)

  • In 1993, duties of the Certification Commission expanded to include the training and certification of operators of wastewater collection systems, spray irrigation systems, subsurface treatment and dispersal systems, and land application of residuals sites.

  • Added two new members with experience in these fields.

  • In 1996, added the training and certification of operators of animal wastewater pollution control systems to the duties of the Certification Commission. Two new members were appointed by the Commissioner of Agriculture to represent the animal agriculture industry.



Do you know an Animal Waste Certified Operator that demonstrates excellence?

Consider nominating the operator for the 2022 Wilbur E. Long Award.

The purpose of this award is to recognize any current certified water pollution control system operator in NC that:

  • has exhibited outstanding knowledge and innovation in the continuing operation of a water pollution control or animal system, or
  • has contributed time and effort toward the training, education, and professionalism of water pollution control or animal systems; or
  • has devised, discovered, or invented devices or techniques which enhance the science of system operation.

All certified water pollution control system operators are eligible: Animal Waste, Biological Wastewater, Collections, Land Application, Subsurface, and Spray Irrigation.



Patrick Beggs - Nonpoint Source Waste Operator Certification - 919-707-9105 -

  • Animal Waste Program

    • Type A (AWA)
    • Type B (AWB)
  • Land-Based Wastewater Treatment:

    • Land Application (LA)
    • Spray Irrigation (SI)
    • Subsurface (SS)


Jenee Williamston -  Administrative Specialist - 919-707-9089 -

  • Exam Registration
  • Con Ed Credit Hours
  • Renewals
  • Rosters
  • Reinstatement
  • ORC Designation
  • Wallet Cards
  • Address Changes


Ashley Coleman - Administrative Specialist - 919-707-9106 -


Jeff Talbot - Supervisor - 919-707-9108 -


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