Renewal Information (WW)


IMPORTANT NEWS October 2023: Wastewater operator renewal fees have been changed from $50 per operator to $50 per certification.  This is a result of the NC General Assembly passing Session Law 2023-134 Section 12.14 (g).   [Link to entire budget bill.]

Further information of renewal fee changes:
Most operators hold 1 certification and therefore this change will not affect you.  
If you hold more than one certification,  such as LA & WW-2 (2 certs), or WW-3 & CS-1 & SI (3 certs) etc, you now need to pay $50 per certificate.  
  • 1 certificate = $50 (LA, SI, SS, any WW, any PC, any CS)
  • 2 certificates = $100
  • 3 certificates = $150
  • 4 certificates = $200
  • 5 certificates = $250
  • 6 certificates = $300
OIT certificates.  If you have an OIT for a higher grade, for example, you have a WW-2 and also a WW-3 OIT, you will be charged for both certifications.  If you have enough experience by Dec 2023, you can apply to have the OIT made permanent. If approved, the lower grade will be replaced with the higher OIT grade and you will only be charged $50 for the new higher grade. The OIT conversion application costs $50 but it is a one time fee.

Instructions to renew:

  1. To renew, you need 6 hours of Continuing Education each year.
  2. Whether or not you pay online, you can use the online system to check that you are able to renew. Put your operator number into the e-payment system to check: ePayment
  3. (You can also use the Operator Portal below to access this information.)
  4. If the online e-payment system states you are invalid, contact our office at
  5. If it states you are unable to pay because of Continuing Education hours, view the number of hours you have and need: enter your operator # in this form.
  6. If you need Continuing Education, look for available classes here: Continuing Education Classes, or contact providers listed on our Training Page.
  7. After completing the needed Continuing Education training hours, please give the office one week to enter the data and then you can pay online.

For an instant email receipt of your payment, we strongly recommend paying online and entering your email : ePayment  Once you pay online, it will take our system at least 72 hours to update the portal and your online record.

If any of your approved Continuing Education hours are not recorded in your operator record:

  • Email a copy of your certificate(s) of completion to: .  It needs to include the WPCSOCC Approval Number (ex. CE12345678).
  • Approved training providers are required to submit a roster within 15 days of class completion. 

NCID Registration

NCID Instructions

NC General Statute § 90A‑42.  Fees.

(a) The Commission, in establishing procedures for implementing the requirements of this Article, shall impose the following schedule of fees:

(1) Examination including Certificate, $85.00;

(2) Temporary Certificate, $200.00;

(3) Temporary Certification Renewal, $300.00;

(4) Conditional Certificate, $75.00;

(5) Repealed by Session Laws 1987, c. 582, s. 3.

(6) Reciprocity Certificate, $100.00;

(6a) Voluntary Conversion Certificate, $50.00;

(7) Annual Renewal, $50.00;

(8) Replacement of Certificate, $20.00;

(9) Late Payment of Annual Renewal, $50.00 penalty in addition to all current and past due annual renewal fees plus one hundred dollars ($100.00) penalty per year for each year for which annual renewal fees were not paid prior to the current year;