Agricultural Complaint Data

G.S. 143-215.9D (2014-H366) states that complaints against “agricultural operations” and all other records accumulated in conjunction with the investigation of these complaints shall be considered confidential records unless and until a determination of a violation has occurred. However, concerns have been raised regarding access to information related to the department’s response to complaints related to “agricultural operations.”

The first set of tables below provides a summary of complaints related to agricultural operations. The information in this table covers the previous six months, is updated at least quarterly, and includes:
  • Total number of complaints received
  • Total number of complaints investigated
  • Total number of complaints where a violation was determined

The second set of tables below include a list of complaints about agricultural operations where a violation related to the complaint has been determined. The list includes those complaints which have occurred over the previous six months. The list will be updated at least monthly and includes the following information:
  • Incident number
  • Date Received
  • County
  • Regional Office
  • Address of Incident
  • Permit or deemed permit number
Tab/Accordion Items

The Division of Water Resources submits an annual report to the Environmental Review Commission and Fiscal Research Division on the permitting, inspection, and compliance activity of animal waste operations across the state. Below is the most current annual report.