Basinwide Hydrologic Modeling

In 2010, recognizing the need for tools to assist with water resources planning, the North Carolina General Assembly directed the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to develop basinwide hydrologic models for all 17 river basins (Session Law 2010-143). A basinwide hydrologic model is a computer simulation tool that incorporates a mass balance representation of a real-world system. These models can then be used by DEQ or local stakeholders to better understand, predict, optimize, and manage water resources.

For long term planning, DEQ uses hydrologic models for evaluating potential impacts of proposed projects with new or increased water withdrawals within the basin as well as interbasin transfers. Local stakeholders as well as DEQ can use these models to plan for increased water use due to growth and to evaluate the effects of operational and regulatory constraints during a drought condition.



Completed Models