Cape Fear - Neuse Combined River Basin Model

Need for a Hydrologic Model

A computer model is a needed tool for surface water management purposes.  For long term planning, the State uses hydrologic model in making regulatory decisions by evaluating potential impacts of proposed projects with significant water withdrawals within the basin and interbasin transfer permit application, planning for increased water use due to continuous growth, and in real time in managing the basin having challenges of resources, and operational and regulatory constraints during a drought condition.


OASIS, a patented, mass balance, water resources simulation/optimization model was developed for the Cape Fear and Neuse river basins.  This combined two-basin model uses the finest practical geographic resolution and time step.

2014 Cape Fear and Neuse Combined Model 

The original Cape Fear and Neuse River Basin Hydrologic models were developed earlier in 2004 and 2008 for the use of Cape Fear and Neuse river basins.  The next phase was for updating and consolidating the two existing river basin models into one, a joint model.  The project was started along with Jordan Lake Allocation Round 4.  The Triangle area water demand is supplied from the reservoirs and rivers in both Neuse and Cape Fear River basins.  These special demand and supply conditions and interbasin transfers of water have initiated the project to combine the two models for evaluation of this unique regional water supply sources for future demand and impact of water transfer and allocation of Jordan Lake water.
The current version of the model includes hydrologic period from Jan 1929 to September 2011 with water withdrawal data for year 2014 as base case scenario and 50-year planning projection period scenarios from 2020 to 2060 for every 10-year interval. 

Combined Model Development Documents and Reports: 


Archived Model Reports

2004 Cape Fear OASIS Model:

2008 Neuse OASIS Model



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