Permit Writing Guidance

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Basic IUP Guidance, Including What to Submit (August 2005)

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Streamlined Review of IUPs

In order to use available resources more effectively and recognizing the maturity and experience prevalent in the pretreatment program, the Division is proposing a process to streamline the review of Industrial User Permits (IUPs).

After attending the class and meeting other criteria, a permit writer may be approved to participate in the streamlined permit review process.  Permits submitted under this process will not be subject to a full Division review. Benefits to the POTW include less paperwork to submit and immediate approval of your permits.  Please review the following documents for more detail. Programs employing at least one approved permit writer and meeting all of the other specified requirements will be considered "Approved".  If staffing changes occur, the Program may be required to go through the approval process again.

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