Headworks Analysis

The Headworks Analysis (HWA) calculates the flow and pollutant treatment capacity of a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP). It incorporate the WWTP design criteria as well as environmental criteria to protect the receiving stream (NC Water Quality Standards or NPDES limits), the WWTP biomass (inhibition criteria), and the sludge disposal site (40 CFR 503 land application or incineration standards).

The Allocation Table compares the flow and pollutant loads permitted to the WWTP's significant industrial users (SIUs) to the allowable WWTP influent loads from the HWA to ensure the WWTP will not be overloaded.

HWA Training Materials

  • HWA Workshop Slides.  These slides (Tab 2 of the workshop materials) include detailed discussions on calculations, definitions, references, decision making and explanations.

Spreadsheets for the HWA

Guidance Documents for HWA

Organics HWA and Related Guidance Documents

Pharmaceutical HWA and Related Guidance Documents