NC Climate Education Network

NC Climate Education Network Objective:

Provide educational materials and support for K-12 and nonformal educators to enhance scientific aspects of the curriculum, with an emphasis on climate issues and awareness.

Our priority is to connect scientists, researchers and educators to understand the latest in North Carolina climate science.  We also strive to offer best practices in teaching about climate science. 

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Missed a previous Open House? View our hyperdocs for more information and recordings: 

February 29, 2024: NC Aquaculture Sustainability

November 14, 2023: Ocean Acidification 

May, 2022: Drought

April 2022: Climate and Convos (Password: April-01)

 February 2022: Climate and Coffee with Counter Culture Coffee

January 2021: NC Climate Education Resources

March 2021: The Atmosphere

June 2021: Climate Reports 

September 2021: NC Hurricane Data


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NC Climate Education Network

Submit your work to the: Student Work Mapping Tool

View your entry, along with others, on our Climate Student Work Statewide Map!

Climate Data Art Challenge- Ongoing! 

 We are inviting students from across North Carolina to create their own art through visualizing climate data! We accepting submissions to our map.  If you are interested in creating art using graphs, charts, or other visual data you can submit your K-12 student art to our statewide map using the links below:


Suggested sites for climate data:

NASA Vital Signs

North Carolina State Climate Office

NOAA Climate Data Online

Earth Engine Map


Air Quality Trends in NC


USGS Surface Water Data

(This link is not 30 year data, but it has great imagery of changes on the planet over the past 20 years.)


How can this network help you?

Our vision is for every teacher in North Carolina feels confident leading class discussions and providing engaging activities for students to learn about climate issues.  We want to connect teachers with scientists and empower our students to ask questions and formulate viable solutions to ever-changing scenarios, both hypothetical and real.   Explore our resources by topic, grade level, or just cherry-pick the materials you like.  We welcome your feedback and ideas for the future.

Previous Contests:

Past Contests include our 2020 Climate Resiliency Art Contest: Click here to view submissions.

Webinars/Online Courses

Stay hip with the latest online trainings available from the CLEAN network.  Some of these courses are even available for students!

NC Climate Education Network Leadership Team:

Erika Young- NC Sea Grant,

Rebecca Ward- NCSU, NC State Climate Office,

Lauren Daniel- NC DEQ/Division of Water Resources,