Emerging Compounds Monitoring Reports

The Division of Water Resources performed three studies in 2018 to characterize the presence and concentrations of select emerging compounds (EC) in B. Everett Jordan Reservoir and its immediate watershed, Falls Lake and its immediate watershed and in various public water supply (PWS) reservoirs in the Cape Fear, New and Watauga River Basins.

The division is defining additional monitoring requirements for NPDES pretreatment facilities in the Cape Fear basin to help evaluate potential source areas and is conducting an evaluation of biosolid land application to determine what contribution it may be making to overall loading in the surface waters.

Monitoring will continue across the state along with other water quality monitoring to further evaluate potential source areas as the division establishes PFAS analytical capabilities this summer. The division will also use the UNC Policy Collaboratory’s data from drinking water intakes when available to help identify future sampling locations.

Analytical Results for PFAS Screening of Select Public Water Supply Reservoirs