NC Fish Kill Activity

Fish kills and fish disease events in North Carolina often involve a host of factors and underlying causes.  It is therefore crucial to gather as much information as possible surrounding an event from all involved parties. In 1996 the DWR Water Sciences Section (WSS), in consultation with Regional Office staff, Wildlife Resources biologists, and Division of Marine Fisheries personnel instituted a new fish kill investigation procedure to be used by the DWR Regional Offices, Monitoring Teams and other agencies to collect and track information on fish kills throughout the state. Fish kill and fish health data are recorded via standardized methods and sent to WSS where the data are reviewed. Fish kill investigation reports and supplemental information are compiled in a central database where the data can be managed, retrieved, and reported to state officials, scientists, and other concerned parties.  Fish kill data is also reviewed as part of the DWR efforts to monitor water quality trends across the state. 

Where have fish kills occurred in North Carolina?

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