B. Everett Jordan Reservoir (Jordan Lake) and Falls of the Neuse Reservoir (Falls Lake) are located in the Cape Fear and Neuse River basins respectively. Eutrophic conditions have been present in both lakes since they were impounded in the early 1980s. Due to nutrient enrichment and sediment load, upper portions of both Jordan and Falls Lakes are listed on North Carolina's 303d list for impaired waters. Impairments are a result of chlorophyll a, turbidity and pH (Jordan Lake only) water quality standards violations.  Section 3(c) of the Jordan Rules (S.L. 2009-216) and Section 5 (a) of 15A NCAC 02B .0275 FALLS WATER SUPPLY NUTRIENT STRATEGY describe required monitoring for evaluating progress in reducing nutrients and nutrient related pollution in these water supply reservoirs. 

Jordan Lake Reports

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Falls Lake Reports

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Monitoring Study Plans

Lake Jordan Assessment Study Plan
Falls Lake Assessment Study Plan

Study Plan for the Identification of Emerging Contaminants in Falls Lake and its Watershed
Study Plan for the Identification of Emerging Contaminants in Jordan Lake and its Watershed


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