Green Square Green Features

Rendering of green square complex


Both buildings were designed to maximize the use of natural light during the day. High efficiency/low emissivity glass on both buildings minimizes solar heat gain within the buildings, thus saving on cooling energy costs. Light shelves and solar shades help deflect natural light into the core of the building while diffusing light in the lower occupant spaces.


The DEQ Building incorporates 100 percent light-emitting diode lighting (LED). 98 percent of the lighting in the Nature Resource Center (NRC) is also LED. LEDs have proven to be significantly more energy-efficient than typical building lighting.

Green Roof

Both buildings have a vegetative roof to reduce the amount of heat that radiates from the building rooftop. The green roof also filters the rainwater as it travels from the roof to the cistern. The NRC  has a green roof that is accessible during special monitored programs.

Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

Photovoltaic panels convert solar energy into electricity that is used in the NRC. PV panels are located above the NRC atrium and along the bridge above McDowell Street.

Solar Hot Water

The NRC has several solar panels on its roof that convert solar energy into hot water for use in the NRC building labs.

Recycled/Low VOC & Regional Materials

Materials with high recycled content/low volatile organic compounds were used on this project, including concrete, steel, carpeting, furniture, countertops, finishes and masonry. Low volatile organic compounds sealants and paint were also used inside the buildings. Materials manufactured or produced from within 500 miles of the site were given high priority for use within the project.

Indoor Air Quality

The products used inside both buildings have low to no pollutants. No smoking is allowed within 25 feet of any door or window of either building. Most furniture is either Green Guard certified or Scientific Systems certified.

Recycling Stations 

Green Square provides recycling stations throughout the building to reduce waste and capture valuable commodities. The building has a Dual-Stream Recycling Program where recyclables are sorted and collected into two categories: containers and paper. Clear signage is displayed above each bin to educate employees on the acceptable material. Click here to view Green Square’s recycling flyer.

Construction Waste Management

During the demolition of the three buildings previously on the two sites, the contractor recycled 98 percent of the construction waste generated by the demolition activities. During the construction of the ENR building, the contractor recycled 94 percent of construction waste. During the construction of the NRC building, the contractor recycled 84 percent of construction waste.

Green Square Parking Deck

Though a separate state project, the parking deck on the Green Square site also has a number of sustainable features, including LED lighting, PV panels on the roof, car-charging stations, a cistern for rainwater reuse, bike racks and natural ventilation.