Mobile Homes Affected by Flooding

If a damaged manufactured home requires removal, and is unsafe to transport, it should be demolished on-site. Manufactured homes cannot be moved to staging areas or any other destination, whether temporary or permanent, without the proper permits. To obtain information on the permits required to transport manufactured homes, contact Tammy Denning, director, N.C. DOT Permit Unit at (888) LRG-MOVE (574-6683).
Some landfills may not accept intact manufactured homes for disposal due to the bulky nature of the material. When demolishing the manufactured homes, the metal base, wheels, axles, window frames and aluminum siding should be removed and separated from the other materials destined for disposal. White goods, household hazardous waste and municipal waste should be removed when safe. Disposal information can be found on the Locator Map of Active North Carolina MSW and C&D Landfills. Facilities on the list will need to be contacted for information on what materials are accepted prior to delivery of disposal material. The N.C. Division of Waste Management, Solid Waste Section, can also be contacted for information at 919-707-8200.
Asbestos/Environmental Health:
Anyone involved in the demolition, repair or removal of manufactured homes needs to be aware of asbestos and other environmental health concerns, such as mold and mildew. Prior to demolishing a manufactured home, notification must be given to the N.C. Health Hazards Control Unit. For more information, contact 919-707-5950.
Recycling Facilities:
For information on recycling markets for salvaged materials such as scrap metal, visit the Recycling Markets Directory or contact Sandy Skolochencko, Recycling Market Development Specialist, N.C. Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service, at 919-707-8147. Local governments may also be contacted for information on white goods, hazardous waste and scrap metal recycling.
Abandoned Manufactured Homes:
For information on the DEACS Grant Program assisting counties with the management of abandoned manufactured homes, please visit the Abandoned Manufactured Homes page or contact David Hance, Environmental Specialist, at 919-707-8122.