Inflation Reduction Act

Climate Pollution Reduction Grant

As a part of the Inflation Reduction Act, the Climate Pollution Reduction Grant program provides states, local governments, territories and tribes with funds to develop and implement plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and other harmful air pollutants. The program will both identify high-priority greenhouse gas reduction measures and update North Carolina's existing climate strategies to align with the most current science and best practices. 

Solar For All

NCSEO intends to apply for the Federal Solar For All grant, which is designed to catalyze residential and community solar investment in low-income and disadvantaged communities and transform the solar market. While the program will be focused on the design and launch of a low-income and disadvantaged community solar program, it will also incorporate health and safety repairs, weatherization upgrades and storage when appropriate to maximize benefits to the household and leverage funding from other public and private sources.

HER/HEAR Programs

The Inflation Reduction Act includes two rebate programs to help low-to-moderate income homeowners make energy efficiency upgrades to their homes. Together, the Home Efficiency Rebates (HER) and Home Electrification and Appliance Rebates (HEAR) programs allocate over $208 million to North Carolina to provide energy efficiency rebates. Follow the link above for answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding these programs.