Utility Savings Initiative

In 2002, North Carolina G.S. §143-64.12 set a goal for all state agencies and state institutions of higher learning to reduce energy consumption by 30% from their 2002/2003 baseline levels by 2015.  To assist with this goal, the statute also established the Utility Savings Initiative (USI) which is charged with the management of energy, water, and other utility usage.  Further building on this effort in 2018, Executive Order 80 (EO80) increased the energy reduction goal to 40% per square foot by 2025 for Cabinet Agencies.  Higher education institutions, K-12 schools, and governmental units are encouraged to adopt the same 40% energy reduction goal.  USI supports all state-owned buildings in achieving these efficiency targets.  In fact, the USI program, since inception, has avoided the state over $1.3 billion dollars in utility costs since 2002/2003.

USI serves the following customers:  

          •  state agencies,
          •  University of North Carolina system,
          •  community colleges, 
          •  public schools, and
          •  local governments.

Services provided include:  on-site technical assistance and training to increase awareness, energy audits, guidance on strategic energy planning, and progress towards energy conservation goals.  The USI team collects data to track energy usage across all state-owned buildings and submits annual reports to the NC legislature and the Governor. 

USI also oversees the Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract (GESC) process for all governmental units according to G.S. §143-64.17B.  GESC is a financing mechanism by which energy efficiency projects can be implemented through realized energy savings within existing utility budgets. 

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