Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracts

"Guaranteed energy savings contract" means a contract for the evaluation, recommendation, or implementation of energy conservation measures, including the design and installation of equipment or the repair or replacement of existing equipment or meters, in which all payments, except obligations on termination of the contract before its expiration, are to be made over time, and in which energy savings are guaranteed to exceed costs.   See the General Statutes section on this site for laws governing guaranteed energy savings contracts.  Feel free to contact Natalie Narron at 984-301-4100 or Hayward Fain at 919-604-9091 for more information.

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Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contracting University (GESPC-U)

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GESPC-U was created by the Energy Services Coalition.  With permission, the State Energy Office (SEO) has taken the time to create this North Carolina specific version.  This series of 25 lessons will provide an overarching education about the GESPC process from the initial concept through construction and into annual measurement and verification.  The Table of Contents will provide a guide to each lesson.  Also included is a quiz after each lesson.  If you choose to complete and submit all the quizzes, SEO will provide a certificate of completion.

Table of Contents for GESPC-U Lessons