Annual Compliance Certification

Title V Annual Compliance Certification

All facilities holding an effective Title V Operating Permit with the DAQ on December 31 must submit an Annual Compliance Certification of each year by the date specified in Section 3 - General Condition P of your Title V permit. These certifications are important because they allow industry, citizens, and regulatory agencies to be informed when a facility fails to meet Title V permit conditions and what action is being taken to correct these problems. The timely and accurate submittal of the annual compliance certification is also a requirement under the Title V permit, 15A NCAC 2Q .0508, and 40 CFR Part 70.

The DAQ has developed a form to assist facilities in meeting the requirements for annual compliance certification. The current DAQ form for the compliance certification is available here for downloading. Instructions and examples are included within the form itself. At this time, Title V facilities are not required to use the DAQ forms. If a facility chooses to use its own format, the compliance certification must include all the required information to be considered complete. The required information is specified in the instruction section of the DAQ form and is also specified in General Condition 3.P of the Title V Permit.

Partial Year Certification And Ownership Change
Major facilities with Title V permits that become Synthetic Minor or Minor facilities during the year must submit a partial year certification within 45 days of the non-major permit issuance. (see memo below)

If a Major facility with a Title V permit undergoes an ownership change, we request that the original owner submit a partial year certification at the time of the ownership change. If the original owner does not submit the certification, the owner at the end of the year will be responsible for certifying compliance for the entire year, even for the portion that they were not the owner.

Additionally facilities submitting partial year certifications due to ownership change or class change can use the "Annual Compliance Certification Form" above to certify compliance.