About VERA

The Vehicle Emissions Reduction Activities (VERA) program provides supplemental curricula and education materials for Driver’s Education programs in North Carolina. These educational materials focus on the responsibility that drivers have to protect their environment when making choices involving their vehicle.

For more information, to schedule a program, or to become a VERA partner, please contact N.C. Air Awareness at: air.awareness@ncdenr.gov


Personal Driving Choices that can Protect Our Air

Car Choice

When we choose a car, there are many factors to consider: Cost, Reliability, Looks, and our Individual Needs. We as consumers should look for the cleanest car that meets our travel and lifestyle needs.

Vehicle Maintenance

Making sure that the car you’re driving is well-maintained can help to reduce air pollution. Things like maintaining proper tire inflation, wheel alignment, clean oil filters, and clean fluids can decrease emissions and increase fuel efficiency.

How You Drive

The way you drive and handle your car can improve air quality and increase your car’s fuel efficiency. Practices such as accelerating slowly, maintaining the speed limit, and turning the car off instead of idling are beneficial for both air quality and your vehicle.

Alternative Transportation

By choosing alternatives to driving alone in the car, we can reduce air pollution in North Carolina. Using public transit, carpooling combining trips, and walking or taking your bike are all ways to reduce our vehicle emissions and save money. For more information on alternative transportation methods, check out our Commuter Options page!

VERA Driving School Partners

N.C. Air Awareness is partnering with Driving Schools across North Carolina to become VERA partners and facilitators of the VERA program. All privately owned and school district driver’s education programs in North Carolina are eligible to become a partner. 

Partners can request guest lecturers and presentations from N.C. Air Awareness staff. Additionally, driving school partners receive access to our teen driver materials which include:

· Branded keychains

· Car stickers

· Tire pressure gauges

· Informational brochures

· Student manual

· Instructor materials

For more information, please contact N.C. Air Awareness at: air.awareness@ncdenr.gov