The N.C. Air Awareness Scouts program seeks to raise awareness of air quality issues in our state, promote interest in environmental stewardship, and help Girl Scouts be leaders in their communities by taking actions to reduce air pollution.

N.C. Air Awareness works with hundreds of students across the state to encourage actions to reduce harmful air pollution and improve the communities in which we all live. We’ve enhanced our outreach program to connect our current educational materials to the needs of Girl Scouts and scout leaders here in North Carolina. We encourage Girl Scouts and Scout leaders to use these resources in association with the established badge, journey, and award guides to improve air quality.

Badge/ Journey Activities
Earn the 'Think, Act, Breathe' Patch
Community Action Projects
AQ - IQ Contest for Seventh Graders
Air Quality 101 Information Packet
More Information

Badge/Journey Activities

Fun activities that will help your troop to understand the properties of air, air quality, and the sources of air pollution in North Carolina while also satisfying journey and badge requirements. 

Girl Scout Badge/ Journey Activities (pdf)

Community Action Projects

Here, we list options for you and your troop to use to improve the air quality in your community. Use these suggestions as guides to help fulfill community service requirements and to engage your community in clean air efforts. These projects offer the opportunity to improve the wellbeing of your community through outreach and education, engineering, stewardship, and public engagement.

Community Action Projects (pdf)

Air Quality 101 information packet

This information packet includes information about air quality, air pollutant monitoring, N.C. Division of Air Quality, and things you can do to improve air quality in your community!

Use this information to learn more about air quality before beginning a Community Action Project or Badge/ Journey activity.

Air Quality 101 (pdf)

For additional information, please see the links below

Earn the Think, Act, Breathe Patch!

The Girl Scout patch has the "Think Act Breathe" logo on it.

N.C. Air Awareness offers the opportunity for troops to earn the ‘Think, Act, Breath’ patch once they have completed one of our recommended activities!

Show the world your dedication to clean air by earning the N.C. Air Awareness ‘Think, Act, Breathe’ patch! Once you have completed one of the air quality activities offered in the Badge/ Journey Activities section, complete the submission form below to receive your patches! Take pictures of your activity and attach them to your submission for the chance to be featured on the N.C. Air Awareness website and facebook page!

Follow the link to get started: N.C. Air Awareness ‘Think, Act, Breathe’ Patch.

AQ-IQ Contest for Seventh Graders

The AQ-IQ Contest gives 7th grade students a chance to create a project that highlights an air quality issue and provides a solution to that issue. The project can be a poster, artistic project, video or game, and the students can work in groups as large as four. The project puts the student in the role of presenting the information, which is one of the most effective ways to learn.

Both Girl Scouts and BSA Scouts are encouraged to submit their community action projects to the AQ-IQ contest to receive additional recognition in their community. Scouting groups that enter their project into the AQ-IQ competition will be recognized at the State AQ-IQ  awards ceremony!

Learn more at:  AQ—IQ Contest for Seventh Graders

Need Help Getting Started?

Need help starting your troop’s Air Awareness program? Our air experts can:

  • Assist with Air Awareness activities
  • Suggest more air quality activities for your troop
  • Attend your troop meeting or event

Contact N.C. Air Awareness at or call 919-707-8400 and ask for an N.C. Air Awareness team member.