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Public notices, draft permits and draft reviews are posted in Public Notices and Hearings with the start and end date of each comment period. Open comment periods on air permits are listed here for convenience. Also listed will be public notices for Division rulemaking and compliance and enforcement actions open to public comment.

Instructions for submitting comments are included in the public notices linked below. Comments can also be emailed to

Facility/Topic Program Comment Period
Concord Energy, LLC Title V Permitting 08/28/2023 to 09/27/2023
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC - Belews Creek Steam Station Title V Permitting 08/29/2023 to 09/28/2023
North Wake County Landfill Title V Permitting 09/01/2023 to 10/01/2023
OPW Fueling Containment Systems Title V Permitting 09/06/2023 to 10/06/2023
Royale Comfort Seating, Inc. - Plant No. 1 Title V Permitting 09/06/2023 to 10/06/2023
Duke Energy Carolinas, LLC - Marshall Steam Station Title V Permitting 09/08/2023 to 10/08/2023
Electric Glass Fiber America, LLC Title V Permitting 09/15/2023 to 10/15/2023
Duke Energy Progress, LLC - Mayo Electric Generating Plant Title V Permitting 09/19/2023 to 10/19/2023

Title V Email List

The North Carolina Division of Air Quality Permitting Section maintains an email list for dissemination of permitting information to interested parties. These emails include public notices with draft permits and application reviews. Final permits will be distributed through this email list as well. Please note that only permitting actions that are processed through the public notice procedures will be distributed.

To have your email address added to the list of recipients, please send a request to Kathy Hash.

None at this time.

Notices for public hearings are posted in Public Notices and Hearings and will be listed below. 

Audio recordings, notices and other documents related to certain past public hearings are available to view or download.

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The Air Quality Committee assists the Environmental Management Commission in carrying out its responsibilities related to adopting rules for the protection, preservation and enhancement of the state's air resources.

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For additional assistance or information about the Division of Air Quality, contact:

Shawn Taylor
Public Information Officer
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