Outside Involvement Committee

The Division of Air Quality's Outside Involvement Committee is a stakeholder group that includes DAQ staff, the regulated community, environmental groups and the public. The group meets quarterly at the Green Square building in Raleigh and at various regional locations across the state.

This forum is an opportunity for attendees to ask questions of the DAQ staff and management on a wide range of air quality issues and processes. Staff will also provide updates on key changes or issues affecting the division.

Our goal is to open a dialogue on the issues that matter to North Carolinians and create an opportunity for participants to learn about developing air quality issues in our state.

Outside Involvement Committee meetings are open to the public. Webinar content is also provided for anyone who prefers to call into the meeting. 

Upcoming Meetings

Check the Public Notices/Events page for specific meeting dates and access information. Agendas and meeting information will also be emailed to those subscribed to the Outside Involvement Committee List. Contact us to subscribe to this list. 

Meetings are held from 1:30-3:30 p.m.


For additional information or to be added to the Outside Involvement Committee email list, please contact:

Robin Barrows
(919) 707-8445