Packets and Activities for Students and Teachers

This page contains free downloads of educational packets and activities for students and teachers. To order printed copies, use the order form on the DEMLR Publications page. *Some of the physical copies may be different versions, but are still relevant, as we work on clearing inventory*

We are available to come to your classroom or non-formal education center, with or without the Enviroscape, to teach about erosion, sedimentation, and water pollution. Just email us to inquire! 

If you'd like us to work with you to customize/create an activity, present/answer student questions in a virtual session or during your erosion & sedimentation school module, etc. Just email us to inquire!

Distance Learning Resources

Many of the Erosion and Sediment education resources are already available in at least one digital format here on this page. If you would like any of these resouces in an alternative format that would integrate with your online teaching platform better, just email us to inquire about them. Teachers can also access free online resources from other DEQ sections, including geology, air quality, and water quality, that are specifically designed for distance learning. Learn more at  

Information Packet

Includes various materials and activities to give an overview of erosion and sedimentation and control practices.

Student Information Packet 

Student Information Packet - High School Questionnaire (PDF, Word)

Teacher Information Packet 

Erosion Patrol

Erosion and sedimentation activity set correlated to the 3rd-grade curriculum.
Depending on the topic being learned in the classroom some of the activities in this set can also be used at other grade levels.

Erosion Patrol Student Packet 

Erosion Patrol Teacher Packet 

Where is All Our Soil Going?

Erosion and sedimentation activity set for the middle school curriculum.

Where is All Our Soil Going Student Packet 

Where is All Our Soil Going Teacher Packet 

Additional Activities

Erosion and Sedimentation Word Search 

Erosion and Sedimentation Word Search - Answer Key 

Erosion and Sedimentation Vocabulary List Online Study/Activity Set

[New] Sediment Jar Activity Sheet & Lesson
Determine the soil type of a soil sample using a jar, some water, and the soil texture triangle. 

Where Will My Seed Grow Booklet (Black & White)
Printing Instructions: In Adobe PDF's print menu select the 'Booklet' option and print on both sides 

Wildlife in NC Magazine Excerpt and Activity: Riparian Zones and Buffers (PDF)