Packets and Modules for Professionals

This page contains free downloads of educational packets and modules for professionals. To order printed copies, use the order form on the DEMLR Publications page.  

These materials are for educational purposes only, remember to always refer to and follow the applicable rules and regulations provided by the federal, state, and local governments.

Sediment Information Packets

Designer Sediment Information Packet 

Inspector Sediment Information Packet 

Planner Sediment Information Packet  

Supplemental Content for Packets

Temporary and Permanent Seeding Specification Sheet 

Common E&SC Plan Symbol Sheet 

Links to Packet Related Content

DEMLR Forms:

NC Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Application Forms

NC Dam Safety Application Forms

NC Mining Application Forms

NC Stormwater Program - NCG01 eNOI and eNOT Forms

DEMLR Publications and Handouts:

NC Erosion and Sediment Control Planning and Design Manual

Publications, including:

  • NC Erosion and Sediment Control Field Manual
  • Erosion and Sediment Control - Inspector’s Guide

Local Program resources, including the model ordinance

Useful Guides and Manuals:

NCSU - Turfgrass Pest Management Manual: A Guide to Major Turfgrass Pests & Turfgrasses

NCSU - Carolina Lawns: A Guide to Maintaining Quality Turf in the Landscape (PDF)