No Exposure Certification

Fee adjustments 2023

IMPORTANT UPDATE: North Carolina’s 2023 Appropriations Act Session Law 2023-134 includes fee adjustments for 28 Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) programs, including Stormwater. For No Exposure Certification NOI applications received on or after October 3, 2023, there is a NEW APPLICATION FEE of $250 to be paid via check made payable to NCDEQ. There is no annual fee once issued. 

Facilities with stormwater discharges associated with industrial activity may be excluded from permit coverage if industrial materials and operations are not exposed to stormwater. The no exposure exemption is not available for construction activities covered under the NPDES stormwater program.

These are the steps to apply for a No Exposure Certification.

  • Read the EPA Fact Sheet on No Exposure and the EPA Guidance Manual on No Exposure Exclusion to learn the requirements for No Exposure Certification.
  • If you feel your site is eligible for No Exposure, complete the No Exposure Certification Application. Mail one hard copy of the forms and supporting documents to Brittany Cook, 1612 MSC, Raleigh, NC 27699-1612. In addition, e-mail the forms and supporting documents to Brittany CookNOTE: There is an application fee of $250.
  • The DEQ Regional Office staff will conduct a site visit to determine your eligibility for No Exposure Certification.
  • For facilities proposed or under construction, please wait to apply for coverage until 60 days before operation commences (no earlier). DEMLR staff must verify conditions during active facility operations.
  • If No Exposure qualifications are met, DEQ will issue you a No Exposure Certification and will rescind the Industrial Stormwater Permit.

Annual Self Recertification

The facility must maintain this condition of No Exposure in accordance with the Self Recertification Information to qualify for the permitting exclusion. If the condition changes, the facility must seek permit coverage for industrial stormwater discharge under a general or individual permit.

Industrial facilities must self-re-certify annually that the No Exposure condition is being maintained by completing the Annual Self Recertification Form. This form does not need to be submitted to DEQ but shall be kept on site and available upon request.