Zero Waste

What are the benefits of Zero Waste to Landfill?

Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWTL) has many benefits including saving money through the reduction of waste; faster progress to cleaner production, more innovative steps; improved material flows because all materials should either return as reusable or recycled materials or would be suitable for use as compost or energy recovery; and ultimately supports sustainability by ensuring economic well being, environmental protection, and social well being.

The ZWTL flyer outlines resources and success stories. 

What resources are available?

Assistance with finding markets for your waste:

Recycling Markets Directory: Online tool for finding an outlet for N.C. business’ recyclables   

Waste Trader: N.C.’s marketplace for discarded or surplus materials and products


Technical Assistance:


Environmental Stewardship Initiative: DEQ's ESI is designed to promote and encourage superior environmental performance by North Carolina's regulated community. 

Waste Reduction Partners:  WRP has helped businesses and industries reduce utility operating costs by $24 milliion over the past five years, while meeting environmental sustainability objectives