NC MRFshed Map

How To Use 

Want to know what is accepted in the recycling for your area?  Now it’s easy!

1) Zoom in and click on the area where you live: dots for cities and towns or click any empty space in your county if you live outside of town limits.  You can also type the name of your city, town or county in the search bar. 

2) A pop up box will appear with a recycling sign icon.  Click the image to get regional signage for your area.  
* Please note: local guidelines may differ. Use the link provided to confirm through your local government website.


3) Print the sign and hang above your recycling bin or on your fridge!


Map Information

This map is provided by the Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service (DEACS). Recycling signage is based on the material recovery facility (MRF) that each local government uses to process recyclables.

The map is color-coded by MRFshed.  Like the more familiar term watershed, a MRFshed includes all communities that feed recyclables into a single MRF. Local guidelines may differ - please confirm with your local program. 

This map is a work in progress and still being updated to show which MRFs are used by which counties and municipalities. The data is correct and updated to the best of our knowledge. However, if information shown for a county or municipality is incorrect, please contact Sandy Skolochenko at 919-707-8147.