General Recycling Requirements and Banned Materials

State agencies are a large source of recyclable material and are required by North Carolina General Statutes to collect and recycle aluminum cans, newspaper, office paper, recyclable glass and plastic bottles. Agencies must also comply with statewide landfill bans.

Furthermore, agencies are mandated by General Statutes to purchase recycled content goods and services.  This is a key component of closing the recycling loop: purchasing products with recycled content creates markets for recyclable materials.

Banned Materials

Statewide landfill bans prohibit the disposal of certain solid wastes in landfills. These materials include:

  • Used oil*
  • Yard trash
  • White goods*
  • Antifreeze*
  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Whole scrap tires*
  • Lead-acid batteries*
  • Electronics*
  • Pallets

* State contracts are available for the recycling of these materials.

View a full list of banned materials and find more information on the state's Banned Materials webpage.

Recycling Legislation

NC General Statute 130A-309.14.   Establish a program to collect and recycle aluminum, newspaper, office paper, glass and plastic bottles

NC General Statute 130A-309.10   Materials banned from disposal in the landfill - see section (f)

NC General Statute 130A-310.60   Recycle fluorescent bulbs generated in public buildings  

NC General Statute 143-58.2   Purchase products with recycled content

NC General Statute 143-58.3   Purchase recycled paper and paper products