State Contracts and Surplus

State Contracts and Surplus

The N.C. Department of Administration's State Surplus Property Agency is a valuable resource providing options for diverting materials from the landfill. State Surplus also provides recycling contracts for materials including: 

  • Used antifreeze, motor oil, and filters
  • Scrap metal
  • Tires
  • Lead-acid batteries

The N.C. Department of Administration's Division of Purchasing and Contract has a mandatory recycling contracts for electronics.

Capital-Area Agency Recycling

State agencies in Raleigh are serviced by a convenience contract administered by the Department of Administration’s Facilities Management Division. Office paper, newspaper, aluminum drink cans, plastic drink bottles, glass containers, glossy materials and hardback books are collected via this contract. Cardboard is recycled as well under a different contract. Visit the Facilities Management Division's recycling webpage for more information.