Representative Outfall Status

Industrial National Pollution Discharge Elimination System Stormwater General Permit holders required to sample multiple discharge locations having very similar discharges may petition the Director for Representative Outfall Status (ROS). DEMLR's NPDES Stormwater Program may grant ROS if a single stormwater discharge outfall (SDO) is representative of discharges from multiple outfalls. An approved ROS will reduce the number of outfalls where analytical sampling requirements apply, however, ALL outfalls are still subject to the qualitative monitoring requirements of the facility’s permit—unless specifically exempted by the permit (such as NCG020000) or DEMLR. The approval letter from DEMLR must be kept on site with the facility’s Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. The facility must notify DEMLR in writing of any changes affecting representative status. Please refer to your NPDES Stormwater General Permit technical bulletin for guidance.

Representative Outfall Status (ROS) Request Form