Information on Eastern Oyster Amendment 5 and Hard Clam Amendment 3

Reviews of the Eastern Oyster and Hard Clam FMPs are underway. Previous plans focused on managing wild harvest and addressing shellfish aquaculture. With changes in shellfish leases, aquaculture, and franchises being addressed by the Shellfish Lease and Aquaculture program, the amendments under development will focus only on wild harvest. Additionally, stock assessments have not been completed for these species due to data limitations. The division is requesting stakeholders share their expertise in development of Amendment 5 to the N.C. Oyster Fishery Management Plan (FMP) and Amendment 3 to the N.C. Hard Clam FMP. 

For oyster questions, contact Joe Facendola or Bennett Pardis.

For clam questions, contact Jeffrey Dobbs or Lorena de la Garza.

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The N.C. Division of Marine fisheries will hold the Oyster and Hard Clam Fishery Management Plan Advisory Committee Workshop in July 2024. Workshop-style meetings allow scientists, managers, and stakeholders on the committee to address questions, comments, and concerns more effectively and in a less formal setting.

To apply to be an advisor, please visit the  Marine Fisheries Commission Advisory Committees webpage

The Division of Marine Fisheries is developing Amendment 5 to the N.C. Oyster Fishery Management Plan (FMP) and Amendment 3 to the N.C. Hard Clam FMP. The division held a public scoping period in September of 2023 to solicit input on potential management strategies for the amendments and discuss stakeholder priorities.

A scoping document outlining potential management strategies can be found below. Stock assessments are not available for these species due to data limitations. Eastern Oyster Amendment 5 will potentially explore different management for intertidal and subtidal oyster reefs. Hard Clam Amendment 3 will potentially explore management for mechanical harvest and maintenance dredging. A joint management strategy looks to fill the recreational effort and catch data gap for both shellfish species.

Shellfish Scoping Document