The N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries obtains statistics on recreational and commercial harvest of finfish, shellfish and crustaceans. Recreational statistics are conducted under the Coastal Angling Program while commercial statistics are captured through the Trip Ticket Program.

Each year the License and Statistics Program publishes an annual report containing summary statistics from the recreational, commercial, license and economics programs within the section. This report is a great starting point for interested parties to learn details about various programs and to access many fisheries statistics. 

Tab/Accordion Items

Commercial Landings Query Tool

Shrimp Landings Consist of white, pink, brown and rock species.

All confidential data is represented with an estimate (e.g. >5,000 lbs) and combined into the appopriate unclassified category (e.g. unclassified shellfish) to maintain confidentiality.

Hard Clam (meats) and Hard Clam (numbers) represent the same amount harvested. Numbers of clams were converted to pounds of meats to be consistent with other species.

Oyster (meats) and Oyster (bushels) represent the same amount harvested. Bushels of oysters were converted to pounds of meats to be consistent with other species.

The Trip Ticket Program was implemented in January 1994. Due to this improvement in data collection methods, comparisons with other years may be invalid. 

Quota Monitoring Report

Fish Dealer Reports

2023 Annual Dealer Report (May 2024)
2023 Semi-Annual Dealer Report (November 2023) 
2022 Annual Dealer Report (June 2023) 
2022 Semi-Annual Dealer Report (November 2022) 
2021 Annual Dealer Report (June 2022) 
2021 Semi-Annual Dealer Report (November 2021) 
2020 Annual Dealer Report (July 2021) 
2020 Semi-Annual Fish Dealer Report (Oct. 2020) 
2019 Annual Dealer Report (May 2020) 
2019 Semi-Annual Dealer Report (Oct. 2019) 
2018 Annual Dealer Report (May 2019) 

Fisheries Landings Bulletins

2023 Annual Fisheries Bulletin (May 2024)
2023 Semi-Annual Fisheries Bulletin (November 2023)
2022 Annual Fisheries Bulletin (June 2023) 
2022 Semi-Annual Fisheries Bulletin (November 2022) 
2021 Annual Fisheries Bulletin (June 2022) 
2021 Semi-Annual Fisheries Bulletin (November 2021) 
2020 Annual Fisheries Bulletin (July 2021) 
2020 Semi-Annual Fisheries Bulletin (Oct. 2020) 
2019 Annual Fisheries Bulletin (May 2020) 
2019 Semi-Annual Fisheries Bulletin (Oct. 2019) 
2018 Annual Fisheries Bulletin (May 2019) 

Commercial Finfish and Shellfish Conversion Factor Reports

Validation of N.C. Commercial Finfish and Shellfish Conversion Factors (March 2013) 
2005-2010 Pilot Study of Conversion Factors Used by the N.C. Trip Ticket Program (June 2010)


Dig into recreational fishing data using the NOAA Data Query Tool

View the HMS Tuna and Billfish Report (4/10/2024)

Recreational Commercial Gear Landings

Statistics for Recreational Commercial Gear License landings were collected and compiled from 2002-2008. Those findings are reported here.

2002 RCGL Landings
2003 RCGL Landings
2004 RCGL Landings
2005 RCGL Landings
2006 RCGL Landings
2007 RCGL Landings
2008 RCGL Landings

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Commercial Harvest Statistics
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Recreational Harvest Statistics
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Socio-Economic Program
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Fisheries Economics Program Manager
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