Watershed Planning Documents


River Basin Restoration Priorities 

River Basin Restoration Priorities (RBRPs) are plans that DMS develops to identify priorities across the state for the protection and enhancement of water quality, fisheries, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities.

DMS uses the identified priorities to guide its stream, wetland and riparian restoration and protection activities in the state’s 17 major river basins. DMS has recently developed a new watershed prioritization methodology. Priorities that result from this process are identified as Targeted Resource Areas (TRAs), which are clusters of catchments that receive priority for DMS planning and restoration project funds. DMS is in the process of finalizing TRAs for the entire state and anticipates this will be complete in Spring 2023. The service areas that currently have TRAs identified can be found at the following location: DMS Targeted Resource Areas

River Basin Pages

The River Basin pages to the right provide a platform for managing and sharing planning documents, stakeholder involvement, meeting minutes, photos, local watershed maps, Local Watershed Plan fact sheets and more for each watershed.

Watershed Plan Review and Recommendations: 2021

DMS has recently completed a review of its existing watershed plans and has made recommendations on the appropriate utilization of these documents.  Information about this process and the review results can be found in this document: DMS Watershed Plan Review and Recommendations Summary