Public Comment Notices


Before an agreement is signed, the Brownfields Redevelopment Section invites the public to comment on every property proposed for redevelopment. In accordance with the Brownfields Property Reuse Act, these invitations to comment are published in the legal classified section of a local newspaper, posted in a visible location at the brownfields property, and mailed or delivered to the owners of property adjacent to the brownfields property. Comments are accepted within 30 days of the latest date of publication, posting, mailing or delivery. To request a public meeting, contact the N.C. Division of Waste Management within 21 days of the start of the public comment period.

Projects Currently in Public Comment:




NOTICE (pdf)

Project Name: Lee's Truck Stop

Project Number: 25091-21-060

Charlotte, Mecklenburg County

3/15/2024 4/13/2024 .pdf

Project Name: North Mangum Street Properties II

Project Number: 25093-21-032

Durham, Durham County

4/16/2024 5/16/2024 .pdf


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