Inactive Hazardous Sites Statutes and Rules

The Inactive Hazardous Sites Branch implements the North Carolina Inactive Hazardous Sites Response Act of 1987 and the North Carolina Administrative Code Title 15A Subchapter 02L groundwater quality standards in the remediation of contaminated sites. 15A NCAC 13C .0300 contains the rules governing the Registered Environmental Consultant Program. To view the statute or rules, select one of the following categories.

Superfund Section - Inactive Hazardous Sites Statutes

G.S. 130A-310 - Definitions

G.S. 130A-310.1 - Identification, inventory, and monitoring of inactive hazardous substance or waste disposal sites; duty of owners, operators, and responsible parties to provide information and access; remedies.

G.S. 130A-310.2 - Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites Priority List

G.S. 130A-310.3 - Remedial action program for inactive hazardous substance or waste disposal sites.

G.S. 130A-310.4 - Public participation in the development of remedial action plan.

G.S. 130A -310.5 - Authority of the Secretary with respect to sites which pose an imminent hazard.

G.S. 130A-310.6 - State action upon default of responsible parties or when no responsible parties can be located.

G.S. 130A-310.7 - Action for reimbursement; liability of responsible parties; notification of completed remedial action.

G.S. 130A-310.8 - Recordation of inactive hazardous substance or waste disposal sites.

G.S. 130A-310.9 - Voluntary remedial actions; limitation of liability; agreements; implementation and oversight by private engineering and consulting firms.

G.S. 130A-310.10 - Annual Reports

G.S. 130A-310.11 - Inactive Hazardous Sites Cleanup Fund created.

G.S. 130A-310.12 - Administrative procedure; adoption of rules.

G.S. 130A-310.13 - Short title.

G.S. 130A-310.14 through 130A-310.19. Reserved for future codification purposes.

Superfund Section - Inactive Hazardous Sites Rules

15A NCAC 13C Inactive Hazardous Sites Rules (Notice, Prioritization, and REC Program)

Superfund Section - Additional Applicable Statutes and Rules