Compliance and Monitoring

The Solid Waste Section is responsible for the administration and enforcement of solid waste statutes, rules, and permit requirements.  This involves conducting inspections of solid waste facilities, ensuring that environmental monitoring is being conducting in accordance with the regulations, investigating illegal waste disposal activities, and taking enforcement actions for non-compliance.

The Field Operations Branch is primarily responsible for compliance and enforcement. With staff in each of the seven regional offices of NCDEQ, the Branch is able to ensure that the North Carolina solid waste rules and regulations are being followed by the regulated community. This is accomplished through regular inspections of permitted solid waste facilities as well as investigations of illegal waste disposal activities. The Field Operations Branch Head and Compliance Officers provide support to the field staff, facilitate enforcement action against violators, and manage several related programs.  

The Environmental Compliance Branch is responsible for monitoring environmental releases around permitted solid waste management facilities to assure proper measures are taken in order to protect public health and the surrounding environment.  The Environmental Compliance Branch also issues permits, conducts inspections, and takes enforcement action for septage management facilities.

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The Solid Waste Section issues compliance orders for non-compliance to both permitted facilities and illegal dumpers.  The orders may or may not also include an administrative penalty in accordance with G.S. 130A-22.  You can review annual lists of compliance orders issued by the Solid Waste Section here:

Reports of Compliance Orders Issued Per Year