Drinking Water State Revolving Fund


  • The Drinking Water State Revolving Fund was created with the 1996 amendments to the Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • Because the DWSRF is federally-seeded, the loans are subject to additional federal regulations regarding environmental review, outreach for disadvantaged business enterprises, payroll (Davis Bacon and related Acts), etc.
  • Congress provides funds for states to establish revolving loan programs for funding of drinking water projects.
  • States provide 20% matching funds.

Types of Funding Available

  • Low-interest loans (1/2 of market interest rates)
  • Limited amount of principal forgiveness loans

Eligible Applicants

  • Local Government Units (counties, cities, towns, sanitary districts, etc.)
  • Non-profit Water Corporations
  • Investor-Owned Drinking Water Corporations

Eligible Projects

  • Source, treatment, storage, or transmission & distribution systems

Key Program Requirements

  • Loan maximum is $25 million.
  • Construction must start within 24 months of Letter of Intent to Fund.
  • Closing fee of 2% (which cannot be financed).
  • Local Government Commission (LGC) must approve all loans.

2023 Base and BIL Supplemental DWSRF IUP


  • The DWSRF Program has two funding cycles per year, typically in March and September.
  • Refer to Funding Program Application Information for detailed information on application deadlines and requirements.
  • For application questions, please contact: Kavitha Ambikadevi, PE at (919) 707-9048 (via email at Kavitha.Ambikadevi@ncdenr.gov) or David Giachini, PE at (919) 707-9191 (via email at David.Giachini@ncdenr.gov)

Additional Information

Regulatory Information