Information on Sewer System Overflows

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Sanitary Sewer Overflow (SSO) Reporting Requirements to the Division of Water Resources

The Permittee shall verbally report to a Division of Water Resources staff member at the appropriate Regional Office, as soon as possible, but in no case more than 24 hours following first knowledge of the occurrence of either of the following:

  • Any SSO and/or spill over 1,000 gallons to the ground; or
  • Any SSO and/or spill, regardless of volume, that reaches surface water

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Voice mail messages or faxed information shall not be considered as the initial verbal report. SSOs (and other types of spills) occurring outside normal business hours may also be reported to the Division of Emergency Management at telephone number (800) 858-0368 or (919) 733-3300.

SSO Reporting to the Public (Revisions per S729,  NC General Statue 143.215.1C)

Senate Bill 729, effective September 20th, 2014, modifies G.S. 143.215.1C by requiring issuance of a press release within 24 hours (originally 48 hours) after the owner or operator has determined a discharge of 1,000 gallons or more of untreated wastewater to surface waters of the State.    

Please see the Division's "Reporting Requirements" memo for clarification and additional information as well as a Senate Bill 729 for the additional reporting requirements related to Owners and Operators of wastewater treatment and collection systems.  

Division's Reporting Requirements Memo (Updated October 6th, 2014)

Form and Content for Press Release - Required for a dischange of 1,000 gallons or more of untreated wastewater to surface waters of the State (see Memo/General Statute for detailed distribution requirements)

Form and Content for Public Notice - Required for a discharge of 15,000 gallons or more of untreated wastewater to surface waters of the State (see Memo/General Statute for detailed distribution requirements)

Sanitary Sewer Overflow Reporting Documents

SSO Electronic Reporting (5-day)

If you would like the ability to enter 5-day reports electronically using the Public Incident Portal, please contact the appropriate Regional Office or Central Office and request to speak with a wastewater collection system program staff member.

Please be prepared to provide information related to your facility, such as Permit Number, Owner Name, Contact Name, Contact E-mail and Telephone Number.  Staff will then request that permission be granted to you to enter SSOs for your facility.