Water Conservation

Water Conservation is Important Because...


...It Preserves and Protects Our Natural Resources
Conserving water can help preserve our natural resources.  Conserving water means more water is available to serve additional water needs, as well as for wildlife and recreation.  Water conservation practices can result in lower wastewater discharges which can mean an improvement in overall water quality.  Conserving water diminishes our need to find or build new water sources, leaving them in reserve for our possible later use.


...It Saves Money for You and Your Community
Conserving water reduces the amount of money you spend each month for household water use.  Your community saves the money spent pumping and treating water before and after use, plus conservation can delay expenditures for additional water sources and treatment facilities.

...It Ensures the Reliability of Your Water Supply
Water conservation can positively affect the reliability of your water supplies during periods of high demands (such as the summer months) and during droughts.  Communities should implement a water conservation program that discourages wasteful water use at all times and restricts non-essential water uses during droughts.  During droughts, such a program can enable a community to respond to water shortages early and thus avoid the need for more extreme measures later.

Useful Tips