Staff Contacts

Michelle Raquet
Program/Branch Supervisor
Basin Planning Branch supervisor and point of contact for the Broad, French Broad, New and Watauga River basins; co-coordinates the Watershed Restoration Improvement Team (WRIT) and the restoration watershed listserv (Use Restoration Watershed Program); stakeholder engagement and outreach (919) 707-9006
Nora Deamer
Environmental Program Consultant/Basin Planner
Nutrient Criteria Development; water quality assessments; main point of contact for the Cape Fear, Neuse, and Tar-Pamlico River basins (919) 707-9116
Fred Tarver
Aquatic Ecology Unit
Streamflow questions and reviews; ecological flow planning; hydropower and dam issues; main point of contact for the Little Tennessee, Hiwassee, and Savannah River basins (919) 707-9029
Ginny Baker
Basin Planner
Main point of contact for the Yadkin-Pee Dee and Lumber River basins; wetlands; BIMS; code and script development; JMP (919) 707-3875
Niki Maher
Basin Planner
Newest basin planner providing support to Cape Fear River Basin plan, website updates, and data review. (919) 707-9001
Forest Shepherd
Environmental Program Consultant/Water Resource Planner
Water use and demand projections for developing hydrologic models; support for regional water supply planning; main point of contact for the Chowan and Pasquotank River basins; data analysis and review; water quality assessments; code and script development; (919) 707-9042
Basin Planner
Basin Planner


Environmental sensitivity requests can be emailed to Nora Deamer and/or Michelle Raquet.