Classifications & Standards

The Classifications & Standards Branch is responsible for developing and assisting with the interpretation and implementation of the state's surface water and groundwater quality standards and surface water body classifications such as Water Supply (WS), High-Quality Waters (HQW), and others. It provides support for DWR rulemaking and to the Environmental Management Commission (EMC) and the EMC's Water Quality and Groundwater Committees. Staff members also represent the Department on a variety of state and national workgroups.

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Main telephone: 919-707-9000 (or use direct numbers below)

FAX: 919-807-6497

Name Title Telephone Email
Paul Wojoski Branch Chief 919-707-3676
Sapana Bastola Economist 919-707-9114
Peter Johnston Environmental Technician, WQC Coordinator 919-707-9011
Adriene Weaver Classifications 919-707-3692
Elizabeth Ward Liebig Reclassifications Coordinator 919-707-3674
Elizabeth Kountis Water Quality Standards Coordinator 919-707-3685
Bridget Flaherty Shelton Groundwater Water Quality Standards Coordinator 919-707-9022
Christopher Ventaloro Water Quality Standards Coordinator 919-707-9016
Susie Meadows Water Quality Standards Specialist 919-707-9033
Mailing address: 1611 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1611
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