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Applications submitted to the Non-Discharge Branch are required by G.S. 143-215.1 to be reviewed within 90 calendar days upon receipt. If the application is not complete with all required information, the applicant shall be advised how the application or accompanying supporting information may be modified to make it acceptable or complete in an additional information request letter. If all required information is not submitted within 30 days, the project will be returned to the applicant as incomplete. If all required information is submitted per the additional information request letter, the 90-day processing period begins on the date the additional information is received.

You can determine if you have an overdue or unpaid fee by visiting here and entering your permit number. 

Please go to the Fee page.

If the non-discharge system has not been constructed, or if it is no longer active, you may request to rescind your permit. By rescinding your permit, all overdue annual fees will be waived; however, if in the future you wish again to operate the subject non-discharge system, you must first apply for and receive a new wastewater irrigation permit. Permits can be rescinded by sending an e-mail to Nathaniel Thornburg explaining the reason for rescinding.

Contact the billing department -

Application Review Process (15A NCAC 02T .0107):

  • Submit application (including fee if required) to Non-Discharge Branch
  • The 90-day processing period (G.S 143-215.1 and 15A NCAC 02T .0108) begins upon receipt of corrected or complete application with required supporting information.
  • The Regional Office reviews the application and conducts a site visit within approximately 45 days of application receipt.
  • If an application is found to be incomplete, the applicant is advised how the application or accompanying supporting information may be modified to make it acceptable or complete (additional information request). The staff shall advise the applicant that all required information (additional information response) is not submitted within 30 days, the project will be returned as incomplete. Any resubmittal of returned application must be accompanied with new application fee.
  • Each time the application is resubmitted, the 90-day processing period begins again.
  • Prior to final permit approval, draft permits are e-mailed to the regional staff and then to the applicant for comments.  The draft permit is sent to the applicant as a courtesy only, and not a requirement of the permitting process.
  • Upon Approval, the signed permit (and one set of approved plans and specifications for new/modified permits) are mailed to the applicant. A copy of the signed permit is e-mailed to the applicant and consultant engineer.
  • If any parts, requirements or limitations contained in this permit are unacceptable, the Permittee has the right to request and adjudicatory hearing upon written request within 30 days following receipt of this permit. This request shall be in the form of a written petition, conforming to Chapter 150B of the North Carolina General Statutes, and filed with the Office of Administrative Hearings at 6714 Mail Service Center, Raleigh NC 27699-6714. Unless such demands are made, this permit shall be final and binding.

Applicants are often in a rush to obtain their permit and the Non-Discharge Branch does not offer Express Permitting. In order to facilitate the permitting process, here are a few ways to assist staff in the review process:

  • When permitting new disposal fields, consult with the Regional Office staff when conducting the soils field work and putting together the soils report.
  • Consult with the Regional Office early in the design stage about groundwater monitoring and well placement.  It is also recommended to take seasonal groundwater samples to help establish baseline groundwater quality.
  • Ensure all required documents are provided when submitting an application.
  • Ensure that the application is organized as stated on the application form and clearly label each section.

To find information regarding other types of wastewater permits (subsurface, discharge, waste management, etc.), contact the Environmental Assistance and Customer Service Division.

Please go to the Application Forms page. There is no fee for permit renewal.  However, permits will not be renewed if the Permittee or any affiliation has not paid the required annual fee per 15A NCAC 02T .0120(c).

The Non-Discharge Branch has transitioned to electronic permitting. Permit applications should be submitted electronically using the upload link below. Paper copies of applications are no longer required.


Electronic applications are uploaded via this link:  Electronic Application Upload