Electronic Permitting

Effective October 3, 2023, all application and annual fees for all Non-Discharge permit types, excluding Single-Family Residence Wastewater Irrigation, have changed pursuant to GS 143-215.3D.

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Use the tabs below to view Electronic Application/Document Submittal and Digital File Database.

The Non-Discharge Branch has transitioned to electronic permitting. Permit applications, monitoring reports, annual reports, certifications, etc. should be submitted electronically using the upload link below. Paper copies are no longer required.

Applications and documents are uploaded via this link:  Electronic Application/Document Upload

New and major modification applications will not be accepted for pre-review until the required fee has been received.

All correspondence will now be through email in lieu of a paper letter (acknowledgement letter, additional information requests, final permit, ect.).

Please provide valid email addresses for all persons to be included in correspondence.

If you have any questions, please contact Nathaniel Thornburg


Upload instructions:

Note: Files smaller than 250 MB should be uploaded as a single PDF. If the file exceeds the upload limit, separate application into smaller PDF's and upload files to one application form. Files less than 20 MB can be emailed to: Non-Discharge.Reports@ncdenr.gov


Digital permit files can be found using DWR’s Document Management System.  


  • Files are arranged by Regional Office and then permit number. To search for documents, use the search box on the top of the page.  Please use this database before requesting files from DWR staff.
  • Note: The electronic file is supplemental and does not represent a complete file.  Files dates may reflect when the document was received, and not when the application was deemed complete. 
  • Open records requests for Non-Discharge files should be emailed to Nathaniel Thornburg